Benton County, Tennessee

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Land for Sale Benton County, TN

Benton County emerged in 1835, taking portions from Henry and Humphreys counties. With its seat in Camden, Benton neighbors counties such as Stewart in the northeast, Henry in the northwest, Perry in the southeast, and Carroll in the west. Benton County recently registered a population of 15,864 per the 2020 census and covers 436 square miles. Of this portion, 395 square miles are land and 41 square miles are water. Benton County partly lies in the Tennessee River Western Valley and partially within the Plateau of West Tennessee.

Hunting and Fishing Land for Sale in Benton County, TN

One of the properties on sale in Benton County is hunting land. If you're looking for private hunting sale land, you can find various animals in Benton County, TN, for example, duck, whitetail deer, elk, and turkey. Nature lovers can also explore state-protected areas in Benton County, TN, such as Natchez Trace State Park and Camden, New Hope, Lick Creek, Harmon Creek, and Big Sandy Wildlife Management Areas. When it comes to fishing, you can take advantage of the creeks and rivers in Benton County, TN. For instance, the area has perennial streams such as Birdsong Creek which rises close to the Carroll County border, ranging northeast towards the Tennessee River. Birdsong Creek has several tributaries. For instance, Sycamore and Wolf Creeks travel north while Seventeen-Mile Creek traverses the southern section of Benton County, TN, heading southeast.

Another perennial stream is Eagle Creek, which climbs on the southern side of Benton County, flowing northeast near the Decatur and ending at the Tennessee River. Cypress Creek travels northeast and has tributaries such as Cane, Burnside, and Beaver Dam creeks. Other streams in Benton County, TN include Sugar and Ramble creeks, which enter the Sandy River, and Lick, Harmony, Crooked, and Sulphur creeks, which go to the Tennessee River. All these creeks in Benton County, TN depend on the water supply from springs. In addition to fishing, the water bodies in Benton County offer recreational opportunities such as swimming and boating.

Farmland for Sale in Benton County, TN

With high food demand, investing in farmland guarantees a steady income for the short term and long term. Farmland is also ideal for portfolio diversification. Its low-risk quality balances out other volatile investments while preserving wealth for your heirs. If you dream of venturing into agriculture, Benton County land is a good place to start. Whether you're in the market for grazing land, large parcels, or a small organic farm, Benton County offers arable rural acreage for all of your agricultural needs. You can plant corn, cotton, peanuts, sweet, and Irish potatoes. Another option is planting grasses and orchards. For instance, plums, grapes, and peaches do well in this area. If you're interested in cattle operations, the land in Benton County, TN can sustain cattle, sheep, horses, pigs, and goats.

Cost of Land for Sale in Benton County

Benton County, TN land listings comprise around $22 million of ranches, farms, and other parcels for sale in the area. This represents more than 3,700 acres of rural acreage for sale in Benton County, bringing the average cost of land to $150,001. Note that these figures aren't fixed. The value of rural acreage depends on many factors. For instance, land for sale in Benton County, TN fetches a higher price if it has improvements such as fences, buildings, and gates. The value also increases with its proximity to popular landmarks, roads, and water sources. Another factor is size. Ordinarily, larger parcels attract higher prices.

Contact Tutt Land to Access Land Listings in Benton County

With all the resources in Benton County, buying land in this area remains a wise investment. However, finding land for sale is never smooth sailing. You need a trustworthy agent like Tutt Land Co. to locate the best sale land for your needs.

Likewise, sellers are guaranteed of finding a buyer for your sale land in Benton County, TN thanks to our proactive agents. Our intensive marketing campaigns incorporate different channels, including online and print media. Not to mention our online marketing strategies. Besides advertising your Benton County sale land on multiple websites, we market properties on different social media channels for a wider reach.

Moreover, we promote your Benton County land through famous personalities and attend expos to increase exposure for our land listings. Another selling point is our industry experience—we have been developing and managing rural acreage for more than 70 years. You'll be pleased to know we partner with various land professionals in Benton County (and beyond) to ensure customer satisfaction. For example, foresters work hand in hand with our agents to learn about timber products and industry trends. Our staff also consists of land managers and Benton County wildlife experts who assess various land components. Get in touch with our land-specific real estate professionals for more information about land for sale in Benton County.

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