Land for sale Carroll County, Tennessee

If you are looking for the perfect land for sale, look no further than Carroll, Tennessee. Sprawled across 599 square miles of fertile land, Carroll is nestled between Memphis and Nashville, making it the ideal location for an investment property. With over 1000 acres of recreational lake shorelines, Carroll County is a recreational haven for property investors.

With more than just an abundance of recreational land, this county is primed for development and investment opportunities. A longstanding agricultural history forms a solid economic base for the county, offering fertile ground for sale and existing infrastructure to support already established and expanding enterprises in both transportation routes and staffing opportunities.

Geography of Carroll County

Carroll, much like other nearby counties in Tennessee, is perfect for nature lovers. With varied geography that consists of sprawling green fields, croplands, protected wildlife parks, and waterways. The county features Clark mountain as an additional place to explore.

Its varied geography means that it is easy to find a property that suits your individual needs. Whether you need level land for agricultural adventures or something more adventurous to fit your recreational needs, Carroll, Tennessee, has it all.

Finding the Perfect Land For Sale In Carroll, TN

When it comes to looking for the perfect piece of land for sale in Carroll County, TN, to invest in, there are a number of factors to consider. You will need to consider the following questions as that will help you narrow down exactly what you need in a property:

  • What will you need the property for?
  • How do you plan on using the property?
  • Do you need accessibility?
  • Do you require a lot of acreages or an already developed property?
  • Do you require timberland for sale in Tennessee?

Once you have compiled your list of ideal property characteristics, one of our Tutt Land Co. brokers will be able to help you source the best match for your needs. Whether you are looking for highly profitable timberland for sale or a fully established ranch, perhaps you are looking for a combination of property styles to fit your hybrid needs. Finding the property of your dreams is much easier when working with a professional team of property experts

A Landowners Dream Investment County

Rural acreage in Carroll, Tennessee estimated to be worth $34 million. Its beauty and development potential are not only vast, but they are also affordable, with the average sale listing at $239,150. The geography consists of a perfect combination of farming, hunting, and recreational lands with timberland dispersed in between.

With a vibrant history and richly developed cities, Carroll County is truly a place where you can remain connected with all modern convenience while still being able to take a step into the wilderness and wonders of scenic beauty within minutes.

Local Accessibility and Amenities

The county's accessibility is particularly advantageous for business owners and potential enterprises. Surrounded by nearby counties such as Decatur, Benton, Henderson, and Madison counties it is easily accessible by road and railway. The county is serviced by its own airport connecting you to the rest of the nation with ease. The county also boasts the use of two river ports - Memphis and Herbert Sandgravl Co., making it the ideal location for any business that requires a well-established transportation network.

A number of roadways connect the county to adjacent counties and its vast array of public city parks and state parks.

  • US Highway 70
  • US Highway 22
  • US Highway 79
  • Interstate 1-40

Schooling Districts Perfect For Family Life

Amenities include some of Tennessee's best school districts. An assortment of excellent educational facilities makes this county the ideal place for a starter home or an already established family to settle into life. With access to a wide variety of recreational activities both indoors and on the sprawling nature trails, there is truly something for all walks of life.

Expert Land Advice on Property for Sale In Carroll County

Are you looking for expert advice on finding the perfect property to invest in? Our land development and management experts are ready to help you find the ideal place to call home or to get your business started. With its impressive connectivity to other counties and the well-established road network, Carroll is a hub of economic development with all the benefits of rural beauty that the state of Tennessee has to offer.

Whether you require land for sale in Carroll County, TN, with excellent accessibility and a safe and secure environment to raise a family, or are simply searching for the perfect timberland and management company to look after your investment? Tutt Land Co. has over 70 years of experience in property development and management. We can help you find the property that ticks all your boxes and more.

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