Franklin County, Tennessee

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Land For Sale Franklin County, Tennessee

Finding the right place to call home in Tennessee couldn't be easier than stopping in Franklin County. With over 555 square miles of land, the county boasts varied geography to suit all your needs. Whether you are looking for agricultural acreage or the perfect property to call home, Franklin is the ideal place to plant your roots and settle in for the long run.

This county is situated in the heart of one of its fastest-growing regions; it is the perfect commuter county. Its size and locality offer potential homeowners easy access to transportation hubs and the ability to expand when needed making it the ideal place to start a commercial enterprise.

Land In the Heart of Franklin County

This quaint county is situated on the Alabama-Tennessee border and is the perfect place to call home and settle. It has a wealth of luscious green hunting land for sale and excellent development potential for commercial enterprises.

Franklin is the ideal mixture of level land, mountains, and waterways, making it suitable for anyone interested in multi-use land. The level plateaus of land are perfect for commercial operations or agricultural ventures.

Why Settle In Franklin County, TN?

Aside from the fresh air and natural beauty of Franklin County, Tennessee, the potential for property development is endless. As a well-connected and fast-growing hub on the Alabama and Tennessee border, this county is ideal for those who are avid travelers and businesses. It boasts a range of adult education and college centers and world-class junior and senior education institutions, making it the perfect place for young and established families.

If you are looking for the perfect land for sale in Franklin, Tennessee, get in touch with a professional property broker from Tutt Land Co., we can offer advice on finding the perfect city and acreage for your needs. Whether you'd like property to develop or a fully fitted ranch with hunting property attached, our brokers will be able to help you find the right one.

Lucious Recreational Land Perfect for Exploration

Protected land forms an integral part of the geography of Franklin, TN. Natural beauty is attractive for many reasons, from scenic views to recreational activities; it is a vital part of the daily culture. Franklin has a wealth of natural and protected parklands vibrant in natural flora and fauna.

In Franklin, golfing, hiking, and lake life are integral parts of life, with easy access to public property a short drive away at almost any moment's notice. Some of the parks you can experience nature in include:

  • Bear Hollow Wildlife Management Area
  • Franklin State Forest
  • Hawkins Cove State Natural Area
  • Natural Bridge State Natural Area
  • Tims Ford State Park

Accessibility is Key

Easy accessibility to several airports and roadways is one of the most vital factors for many potential property investors. If you are an investor looking for over an acre of property to start a commercial enterprise, accessibility is critical.

One of the best advantages to investing in property for sale, land for sale, and hunting land in Franklin is the easy access to surrounding areas. With direct access to I-24 North and Southbound highways only minutes away. Further connections come in the US Highway 64, connecting the I-65 to I-24. The county boasts a well-connected railway by CSX. It is the only railway that connects Chattanooga, TN to Nashville.

Acreage for Sale, Land Perfect For Hunting

With over 5000 acres of prime hunting land for sale in Franklin County, TN, this region is perfect for anyone that wants to live in a city while being able to easily access the best hunting spots that Tennessee has to offer. Species that are available to hunt include whitetail deer, geese, ducks, doves, and turkey.

Aside from hunting, 3% of the county is comprised of waterways, making it an excellent choice for avid fishermen or those that would like to split their time between the natural resources of sprawling hunting land and the vast waterways. Fish species that are available to catch include pike, walleye, catfish, bass, and trout.

Tutt Land Property Experts In Franklin Tennessee

Finding the right land for sale in Franklin County, TN is easy with Tutt Land Co. property specialists. With over 70 years of experience in property management, sales and development we believe that there is land that is perfect for everyone. Whether you are looking for a place to sow the seeds of your dream investment property or if you're on the hunt for the perfect hunting acreage for your vacation needs get in touch with a member of our team.

Don't wait until tomorrow to start investing and get started on building your dreams. Invest in prime real estate, in the heart of Franklin County, Tennessee, one acre at a time.

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