Land for Sale McNairy County, TN

McNairy County, which borrows its name from Judge John McNairy, emerged in 1823, originally stretching into some parts of Harding County. Out of its total area of 564 square miles, 563 square miles of McNairy county are land and the remaining 0.8 square miles are water. This makes McNairy County the 25th largest in the state.

When it comes to geography, McNairy County, TN land is hilly around Purdy. The county plays host to mountains such as Mount Peter, Clover Hill, Bald Knob, and Winding Ridge. McNairy County, TN neighbors Chester County in the north, Alcorn in the south, Hardeman in the west, and Hardin in the east.

If you enjoy fishing and water sports, you'll appreciate the numerous rivers cutting across McNairy County, Tennessee. One notable feature is the Tennessee Ridge. Locally known as the Water Shed, this ridge runs through the county's eastern side, separating the streams going to the Mississippi River from the ones headed to the Tennessee River.

Average Value of Land Great Investment Property in McNairy County, TN

There are approximately 2,000 acres of bare land for sale in McNairy County. The combined value of rural parcels, farms, hunting properties, and other land for sale in McNairy County is around $11 million. This brings the average value of McNairy County, Tennessee land for sale to $206,847. Even so, this price may vary with property features such as abundant road frontage, fences, and barns.

Purchase Timberland Property in McNairy County, TN

McNairy County, Tennessee is ideal for prospective timberland investors. While the western side has mature pine ready for harvest, other parts of McNairy County feature tree varieties such as chestnut, oak, ash, and hickory. This property type is profitable for several reasons. First off, trees grow despite ongoing market conditions, promising steady returns during tough economic times.

This goes together with timber's flexible harvesting patterns. You can leave your trees on the farm until you find a market with favorable prices. Apart from timber's price appreciation, your Tennessee land also increases in value. Furthermore, timberland rural acreage promotes environmental responsibility.

In addition to cleaning the air and water, trees provide a space for relaxation and communing with nature. Note that McNairy County is home to the Big Hill Pond State Park, a natural attraction in the southwestern area containing hardwood bottomland and timberland.

Farmland for Sale in McNairy County

The land great acreage of McNairy County, Tennessee offers a large fertile mass for farming activities. The streams in McNairy County, Tennessee run across productive valleys that support grass growth with their stiff soils. On the other hand, the elevated sections of Tennessee land have sandy soils that are perfect for corn and cotton.

Similarly, the land for sale in McNairy County is ideal for soybean production, wheat, potatoes, melons, and forage. The rural land in McNairy County Tennessee also favors pastureland, making it ideal for cattle, sheep, goats, and horses. You could also farm hogs and poultry, such as ducks, chicken, and turkey. Remember, farmland has several advantages over other investments.

First off, farmland prices remain stable owing to the rising population and food demand. Because agricultural land has minimal correlation to stock markets, farms are excellent for portfolio diversification. Farmland also offers passive income opportunities. Since crops differ in their maturity timelines, you're assured of an income during different seasons.

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