Haywood County, Tennessee

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Land for Sale Haywood County, TN

Whether you're looking for prime real estate bordering the necessary amenities or you want a secluded parcel for your retirement getaway, Haywood County is the place to be. Haywood sits in West Tennessee and has Brownsville as its largest city. It neighbors Crockett County to the north, Fayette to the south, Tipton to the west, and Madison to the east. Haywood County also borders Hardeman to the southeast and Lauderdale to the northwest.

Cost of Vacant Rural Land in Haywood County, TN

Before buying property, you should know the average cost of level open land located in the area. Haywood County ranks 77th out of the state's 95 counties in terms of advertised land for sale. With more than 600 acres for sale, the overall value of listed rural land in Haywood County is more than $45 million. This brings the average cost to $2 million.

Recreational Land for Sale in Haywood County, TN

Tennessee Haywood County land is ideal for many recreational uses. For example, you can go fishing and boating in the area's numerous creeks. The wildlife here also supports hunting. Apart from whitetail deer, Haywood County has numerous duck, elk, and turkey hunting cabins.

The natural landscape also makes the county ideal for country houses. You can jump on the future business boom and invest in residential mobile homes. You can also leave your land for sale vacant and use it for hiking, camping, or biking.

Invest in Haywood County Farms

Haywood County is home to various agricultural activities, for example, farming grains, dry beans, oil seeds, and peas. You could also plant vegetables, potatoes, and melons. Historically, cotton was a commodity in Haywood County owing to its location within the Mississippi Valley. Livestock farming is also popular in Haywood and nearby counties real estate. For instance, you can keep cattle and focus on milk and beef production. That's not to mention the pigs, goats, sheep, and poultry that do well on Haywood county farms.

There are several reasons to invest in this type of Haywood County property. For starters, farmland allows portfolio diversification. You can protect your future thriving businesses from economic shifts by buying land together with publicly-traded assets such as stocks. Furthermore, agricultural land for sale in Haywood County offers passive income. You can rent out your property to farmers who wish to grow crops or outdoor enthusiasts who want your land for recreational activities. Remember, your farm continues to appreciate throughout this period. Even if you set up two residential mobile homes, the property will fetch a good price when you decide to sell it.

Tutt Land: Your Go-To Real Estate Investment Partner

Tutt Land provides access to some of the best Tennessee Haywood County properties. First off, we offer a range of services, from brokerage to the management and development of various property types. When it comes to sales, our marketing team won't stop until we present your Haywood County, TN land to as many customers as possible. For example, we advertise rural land through our website and relevant social media channels.

You'll be glad to know we constantly improve our site to rank on internet searches. That's not all—our team attends rural land expos to advertise properties to larger audiences. We also feature top personalities on hunting and fishing expeditions for maximum exposure to our brand and Tennessee Haywood County properties.

Another selling point is our experienced staff—land experts, foresters, and wildlife professionals—who train our Haywood County team on how to evaluate different land components. This includes explaining various wood products and the developments in the timber industry. Are you looking for future prime real estate? Contact us to find vacant land in Haywood County, TN.

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