Historic Land for sale Madison County Tennessee

Named after a founding father, James Madison, this county is situated in the heart of Western Tennessee. It comprises 559 square miles, and a small portion (1.5 square miles) belongs to waterways. The county is a picture-perfect place to call home, with a diverse population sprawled across arable land and fully developed cities such as Jackson. Madison County, Tn land for sale consists of rural agricultural land interspersed with hunting property for sale and hardwood timberlands.

Why Invest in Land For Sale in Madison County, Tn

There are many benefits to investing in Madison County land. This county is more than just a little country-style haven, and it is an investor's paradise for anyone that would like to reap the benefits of scenic beauty while staying connected to fully developed city life. With an array of properties for sale, land listings in Madison County, Tn, and nearby counties are desirable for many different reasons.

From a well-connected infrastructure to the scenic beauty that stretches for acres across fertile lands. The investment opportunities are endless. With investors looking for multi-location properties, investing in more than one property for a combined amount is possible with the right property broker.

A Connection to Surrounding Counties

The county is located in the western segment of Tennessee and is close enough to neighbor counties and states, making it an easy choice for those that need to set up a central business hub for enterprises that require widespread reach to the rest of the county via rail, and roadway.

Madison is located close to major highways and parkways, most notably the 65, 40, and 24, local access roads such as Route 45. Madison County, Tn, land and its connection to adjacent counties such as Carroll County towards the Northeast, Henderson County based on the East, Hardeman County to the South, and others, makes it a desirable location for any budding enterprise that relies on a well-established transportation network.

A Family-Friendly Escape

With a vast number of well-rounded educational institutions, it is an idyllic place to start a family or settle down to balance family and work-life. Notable institutions include Tennessee College of Applied Technology-Jackson, and Freed-Hardeman University In Henderson, among other institutions offering a skilled labor force as well as an ideal location for a family that values further education. The institutions in Madison County mean it is ranked 7th of 95 counties in Tennessee based on education alone.

Rural Acreage Readily Available

The abundance of rural land with semi-developed property in Madison County is estimated to be valued at approximately $107 million. With the average land listing totaling $766,294, as the average price per listing. These listings account for approximately 2,408 acres of land. The land for sale in Madison County, Tn is comprised of prime agricultural land, old and mature hardwood timberlands, as well acres of undeveloped land that are perfect for their investment potential.

Another benefit of rural acreage for sale in the region is the abounding potential that each property has. Whether you are looking for a simple rural acre with a ranch or farms comprised of many acres, Madison County, Tennessee, is a perfect choice.

The Perfect Climate and Fertile Soils Of Madison County, Tn

With large arable farming acreage, rich pasture land, and fertile soil the county is an excellent choice for large-scale agricultural pursuits and small organic farming operations, or as a place to set up grazing land for livestock. For steady-growing investments, heavy hardwood timber is an excellent choice. With an estimated value of over $1,000 per acre, it is an extremely profitable and lucrative investment. The fertile land and softly rolling geography make the county ideal for crops with high yields such as cotton, corn, & soybean.

A Recreational Wilderness With Hunting Land For Sale In Madison

In Madison County, Tennessee the average size of hunting land for sale is about 211 acres. The properties available across the county boast a wealth of different species of hunting game from deer, and turkey, to small game hunting, or fishing depending on the locality. The county's vibrant fauna makes it an easy choice for anyone that requires the ideal hunting location, on prime real estate to call home.

Tutt Land Co., The Land Experts You Need In Madison County, Tn

When it comes to finding the right land for your needs, it is vital to work with experienced and skilled property experts such as Tutt Land Co. Our property management firm has over 70 years of experience in both the management and development of rural properties and the finest timberlands.

Our brokers will be able to offer you advice on how to find the perfect piece of land on the right acreage, as well as its development potential. For advice and guidance on securing the property of your dreams, get in touch with Tutt Land Co., We'd be glad to guide you through acres of listings for sale in Madison County, Tn.

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