Shelby County, Tennessee

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Land for Sale Shelby County, Tennessee

As the largest geographical population in Tennessee, Shelby County is home to the famous Memphis city. It is also the home to the best water in the state with natural aquifers, waterways, and rolling farmland. Shelby County is the perfect place to invest in as it has all the amenities you could dream of and more.

The county is ideal for property investors, businesses that would like to establish themselves, and family-run farming pursuits, with 3,978 acres of rural acreage and property for sale at an estimated value of $238 million. The county is not only affordable to invest in, and it promises profitability from the beginning.

Shelby County, TN, The Geography

The lowest point of the state of Tennessee is found along the Mississippi River, located in the most southern part of Shelby County. Shelby County consists of 783 square miles, of which 755 square miles are land and 29 square miles of waterways. The county's border is situated on the outskirts of the Memphis city limits.

The county forms part of the Memphis Metropolitan Statistical Area, spread across eight counties in three neighboring states: Arkansas, Tennessee, and Mississippi. It is the largest county in Tennessee and benefits from easy access to the adjacent states of Mississippi and Arkansas via road, waterway, and the international airport.

Prime Private Hunting In Shelby County, TN Land For Sale

Shelby County, Tennessee, is home to many acres of pristine private hunting properties; each property promises a diverse ecosystem rich with trophy game such as whitetail deer. It is the ideal location for hunting cabins to catch a range of game such as duck, turkey, and elk.

The geography includes built-up and well-developed cityscapes interspersed with areas made up of acres of undeveloped land, small residential allotments, farmland, commercial properties, and large rural lands for sale. It is a prime location for those that appreciate being able to step out of modern convenience into a backyard of rural bliss and recreation.

Shelby County boasts a vivid water life for those who prefer water sports and fishing, with approximately 176 lakes and rivers and other minor fishing locations in between. Its balanced environment means that Shelby county Tennessee is ideal for those that would like to find the perfect balance between work-life and recreational relaxation.

Shelby County: The Manufacturing Hub Of Tennessee

If you are looking to establish your share of the manufacturing market there are few counties that offer the same level of infrastructure and available acres as Shelby County, Tennessee. Here you will find a wide range of property types for sale, land that offers you ample opportunity to get started with the possibility of room to expand when the time is right.

With an average listing price of $441,018, you can be confident that finding the right property with the correct amount of acres will not be an issue. The cost of living is competitive, making it easy to settle and run a cost-effective enterprise.

Infrastructure Available in Shelby County

Shelby County is known as the manufacturing heart of Tennessee, with a substantial workforce available and a wealth of natural resources and raw materials. The climate is mild and perfect for businesses that require stability. Investing in land for sale in Shelby County, Tn, you can be assured of steady market growth and a return on investment as it has a low cost of living while being abundant in resources.

Aside from a well-established economic hub with a skilled workforce, the county is interconnected by road and railway to the adjacent counties. With access to the port of Memphis, water access to additional counties and states is made easy. Memphis International Airport is another advantage for businesses that require ease of access both in and out of the county at a moment's notice.

Development Potential of Properties for Sale In Shelby County, TN

Working with a skilled property broker to find the perfect land for sale in Shelby county is vital. A qualified and experienced broker will be able to offer you expert advice on finding land that is fit for purpose with the best acreage for your needs while taking into consideration the potential for growth and expansion.

The county is home to many acres of rural land for sale in Shelby County, TN, Bursting with potential and established fertile farms and mature hardwood timberlands. Land listings range from small acre homesteads to fully established ranches set on sprawling acres. There are many underdeveloped acres of land available in Shelby County, a local expert can help you find the most suitable one that can save you time, effort, and money.

Finding the Perfect Property in Shelby County With Tutt Land Co.

Trying to find the perfect listing to suit your needs in Shelby County, Tn? Land for sale in this beautiful and fertile county is worth the investment as it offers potential and growth right in the largest county in Tennessee. Whether you need an acre or more significant properties with surrounding acres for possible expansion, Shelby County, Tn, is the perfect place to call home.

Our property brokers have over 70 years of experience sourcing properties, conducting property sales, and assisting with the management and development of vast acres spread across the Southern states of Alabama, Tennessee, and Georgia. Get in touch with us for assistance in finding the perfect investment property listing to call home or to establish your business on.

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