Land for Sale—Fayette County

Fayette County, Tennessee, which lies in the Memphis Metro Area, boasts a population of 41,990 per the 2020 census. Out of the Volunteer State's 95 counties, Fayette is the third largest at around 451,988 acres. The area is also home to various wildlife species. For example, wildlife officers have reported an influx of nocturnal nutria in the recent past. These animals are suspected to have expanded their range from Louisiana because of population pressure.

Locals have also spotted black bears. In most cases, the black bears are juvenile males searching for new territories, having originated from East Tennessee, Alabama, and Arkansas. Not to mention the rare mountain lion sightings. The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency also reported an alligator around the Wolf River Wildlife Management Area in 2018. Although the possibility of seeing these animals is low, the random appearances go a long way in proving the area's biodiversity. You might also encounter turkey, geese, ducks, doves, and whitetail deer on undeveloped sale land.

Topography and Natural Treasures

Fayette County is a haven for environmentalists and sports enthusiasts alike. The Wolf River, which stretches across acres of the county's southern area, is a favorite among nature lovers. In 1995, environmentalists advocated for the acquisition of acres of forest land in Fayette County. This land that borders the Wolf River near LeGrange boasts acres of cypress-sprinkled swamps. The Wolf River is the county's largest stream, running east and west.

On the other hand, the North Fork Wolf River climbs on the eastern side and joins the larger Wolf at Moscow. Not to mention the 64-mile Loosahatchie, which climbs on the eastern side, running west to drain into the Wolf River at Memphis. Other streams include the Beaver, which waters the county's north-western area, and Bear Creek, which runs north toward the Big Hatchie. You'll also appreciate the area's unique topography. For example, the northern side is slightly undulating, unlike the hillier western and middle sections with stretching plateaus. The southeast area is also hilly and fertile, while the southern part features unbroken levels.

The Average Cost of Fayette County Land

If you're seeking land for sale in Fayette County, you should know the average market prices to ensure you're getting a good deal. There are more than $106 million land for sale listings displayed for Fayette County land. This represents 9,662 acres of TN real estate land for sale, translating to an average price of $808,441.

Like other areas, the price of land for sale depends on several factors. The first one is location. Land for sale is costlier when it's closer to social amenities. Feel free to engage a land-specific real estate company like Tutt Land for prime properties and a listing broker's offer provided exclusively for you. What's more, the number of acres influences the value of the land for sale. The cost of land for sale per unit area increases with plot size. Improvements such as buildings, ponds, sheds, and access roads also boost sale land values.

Timberland Property for Sale in Fayette County, TN

Timberland properties are a lucrative investment in Fayette, and more investors are taking an interest. The current value of timber services in America stands at $1.2 billion, registering an annualized market growth of 2.9% between 2017 and 2022. At the same time, America's logging industry has a market size of $16.4 billion in 2022. There are several reasons to consider timberland properties for sale in Fayette County. For starters, timber is deemed reliable because of its low volatility.

Thanks to the predictable investment and biological growth cycles, timber promises steady returns over time. You can even leave the trees on your farm until the market price adjusts. This goes together with environmental benefits. Trees are a renewable resource that purifies oxygen and water and provides wildlife habitat. Not to mention the land appreciation that comes with it. Well-maintained timberland properties attract higher values, especially if they're near good road networks. What's more, the acres of forest land double as recreational sites for hunting, camping, and hiking.

Invest in Farmland in Fayette County

Originally stretching into the Mississippi Delta, Fayette was a major corn and cotton area during the nineteenth century. At the time, both small and large farms supported the cotton engines that were in major towns and emerging crossroad communities. The area has since undergone agricultural diversification, resulting in the popularity of soybean farming, egg production, dairy, and beef farming in Fayette County and multiple provinces. This largely rural area is now transforming to accommodate the urban growth from Memphis. Besides non-commercial applications, Fayette land for sale is also perfect for fishing, hunting, and residential purposes.

Tutt Land Offers Ideal Deals on Land for Sale in Fayette County, TN

As an aspiring landowner, you can never go wrong with investing in Fayette County, TN. This area boasts acres of untapped potential for various uses. The good news is prospective properties consumers can partner with Tutt Land for seamless transactions. With more than 70 years of successful land dealings, we are continuously working to identify prospective properties and connect them to sellers.

From brokerage to development and management, Tutt Land is deemed reliable when it comes to stress-free land purchases. If you're selling a parcel, we have your listings displayed on social media platforms and top land for sale websites. In addition to ensuring digital accessibility for your property, our marketing team promotes land for sale in print media and expos. Furthermore, you tap into the expertise of top land professionals in multiple provinces. For instance, our team consists of foresters, wildlife experts, and land managers. Are you looking for a specific property type? Contact us now to learn about rural land acres for sale in Fayette, TN.

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