Land For Sale in Sumter County, AL

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Land for Sale in Sumter County, AL

Situated in the west-central part of Alabama, Sumter County comprises 913.3 square miles of land with the Tombigbee River running along its eastern border. Considered part of the East Gulf Coastal Plain physiographic section, this region of Alabama features oak-forested coastal plains along the shoreline of the Tombigbee River and its tributaries, and rolling prairies flecked with shortleaf pine forests. Sale of any of this property retains its value for years to come. Over $71 million of rural properties are available for sale in Sumter County, Alabama, accounting for over 6,700 acres of land with an average price of $233,249 per property.

As part of Alabama’s Black Belt, a geographically unique area known for its dark, nutrient-rich soils, Sumter County’s economy revolved around agriculture and its sales for most of its history. The combination of the land’s ecological features, a warm, humid climate, and legendarily abundant soil has provided residents of Sumter County with unmatched success in agriculture and forestry. Today, the county’s major agricultural product is cattle and its major industry is lumbering, making pastureland and timberland properties extremely valuable investments if you are considering purchasing AL land for sale.

Invest in Timberland Property for Sale in Sumter County, AL 

One of the most densely forested states in the country, Alabama is significantly dependent on the forestry products industry, and Sumter County is no different. Alabama’s forestry products industry has generated $21 billion in sales, employs over 122,000 workers in production and processing, and contributes billions to the state economy. Clearly, purchasing land for sale in Sumter County, AL offers huge rewards in the harvesting and sale of timber, making property in this county a highly lucrative investment. This land for sale in Alabama goes fast. 

Alabama contains approximately 23 million acres of timberland, comprising 71% of the total land area in the state and ranks third in the country in terms of timberland coverage. Land sales are a commodity. The predominant forest type in the state is oak hickory, making up 32% of the forests, or 7.3 million acres of property. The most frequently occurring softwood species you can find on this land is loblolly pine, while the most common hardwood species are red and white oak, hickory, sweetgum, and yellow poplar. In addition to these species, land for sale in Sumter County also features cedar, ash, pine, pecan, and black walnut trees, as well as several other rare or large varieties of oak, including Chinkapin, Sawtooth, Durand, Nutall, Water, and Shumard. 

Purchasing and developing timberland property is a market-protected, financially-sound method of earning income that requires little effort and can result in decades of profit. Sales can be incredibly profitable. A booming housing market and an improving domestic economy has led to an increasingly high demand for the sale of timber, with current prices near record highs.

Excellent Hunting and Fishing in Sumter County, AL Property for Sale

Hunting and fishing are the most common recreational activities in Sumter County due to its unique geographical features and abundant natural resources. When timberland is partially harvested or in the process of regenerating, it provides the perfect habitat for white-tailed deer, among other game species. This encourages genetic diversity in Alabama, creates high quality individual specimens, and increases the population’s total carrying capacity. As a result, land for sale in Sumter County is known for producing some of the state’s best hunting and largest trophy bucks. Property for sale in this area is fiercely coveted, so these land listings do not last long.

Alabama land for sale also features several wildlife management areas that provide ample hunting land and fishing opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts. In Sumter County, the David K. Nelson Wildlife Management Area near Demopolis Lake spans almost 7,000 acres and offers excellent year-round hunting of big game, small game, and waterfowl. October through February is prime deer hunting season, while turkey season lasts from March to May. Other species you can hunt on this land during predetermined times and with the proper licensing are dove, quail, rabbit, squirrel, bobcat, coyote, fox, snipe, woodcock, waterfowl, and feral swine. 

The Tombigbee River provides Sumter County, AL with plentiful wildlife on its rural land. One of the most biologically diverse rivers in the nation, the Tombigbee and its series of dams and locks offers abundant fishing and outdoor recreation opportunities, as well as providing a home for a number of endangered species. Property for sale here is always prime. Fishermen catch a variety of sportfish, including largemouth bass, striped bass, catfish, crappie, and bream. Any Alabama property for sale near the Tombigbee River benefits from flourishing populations of turkey and ducks.

Tutt Land Can Help You Purchase Land for Sale in Sumter County

If you are interested in developing land, Sumter County’s diverse timber tracts provide hundreds of acres of untamed wilderness and untapped property potential just waiting for the right sale. Timberland has been a profitable investment since the county was founded, and all signs indicate that this form of property will only continue to become more valuable over time. When you purchase Sumter County land with timber resources, you are not only investing in your own bank account with this sale, but you are also creating an asset that can be handed down to produce generations of wealth.

With over 70 years of experience in the development of rural land, the experts at Tutt Land can guide you through every step of acquiring land for sale. We have the knowledge and resources necessary for successfully navigating the management, brokering, and development of land and property deals throughout Sumter County, AL. Our website provides comprehensive land listings and is continuously updated to provide you with the information you need to choose the perfect property for you.

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