Land For Sale in Wilcox County, AL

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Land for Sale in Wilcox County, AL

Located in the southwestern part of Alabama within the Black Belt Region, Wilcox County consists of 883 square miles of land, much of it rural land. The geography features a combination of rolling green prairies and extensive pine forests along the coastal plains of the Alabama River and its tributaries. The southernmost tips of the Appalachian Mountains create round, steeply dropping ridges, narrow canyons, and spring-fed creeks. A vast array of soil types in Wilcox County allows many crops and trees to flourish on this land. Property for sale here remains predominantly rural, and the primary industries and products revolve around timber. It isn’t only companies that benefit from this timberland sale – private landowners control close to 94% of the forests. 

Diverse Growing Conditions Support Many Tree Species

Wilcox County land for sale consists of several types of soil, allowing properties here to reap the benefits of this diversity by growing various tree species. Sandy, well-drained soil in the coastal plain regions is perfect for supporting varieties of magnolia and pine. Often called the most splendid tree of America’s forests, Southern magnolia features fine-textured hardwood with a straight grain and a smooth surface. Similar to maple, it is resistant to warping or crushing under pressure and forms a significant portion of hardwood timber sales in the southeastern US.

Pine is the predominant species of softwood timber on Alabama land for sale, and over one billion cubic feet of stock is grown every year. Loblolly pine, the most common variety, is joined on Wilcox County, AL land for sale by longleaf pine and shortleaf pine. Shortleaf pine is a hardy variety found on Wilcox County property that produces high quality timber for sale. It is fire tolerant and resistant to fusiform rust, an intensely damaging disease found in Southern pines. An extensive root system allows shortleaf pine to grow in dry, rather infertile sites, making it perfect for the land along the river. Furthermore, the ability to sprout at a young age and an extended rate of growth means this pine variety serves as prime sawtimber for any property for sale.

Longleaf pine is another tough variety in Wilcox County, AL that makes great sawtimber for sale. It grows straighter and with less tapering than the loblolly, producing a stronger, heavier timber of high quality used for the construction of construction beams and utility poles. It also shows resistance to disease and damage from insects, hurricanes, and fire. Not only the wood is valuable property, either; Needles can be collected for sale as landscape mulch. Longleaf pine is said to grow sale value quicker than it grows wood, quite an asset for anyone looking to invest in profitable property for sale.

The clay soils of the Black Belt found on Wilcox County property for sale supports Eastern red cedar, ash, pecan, crabapple, redbud, and many varieties of oak, including live, red, and white oak. Red oaks are some of the most commonly occurring hardwood trees, and oak-hickory forests account for 32% of the state’s timberland. Approximately 486 million cubic feet of hardwood stock grows each year, while 319 million cubic feet are harvested for sale. Oak hardwood sawtimber is some of the most expensive timber for sale, and an increasing demand for exports of this timber has resulted in record sales. Between 2007 and 2016, the average price per ton of oak hardwood sawtimber increased by a whopping 46%. Purchasing land for sale in areas densely with oak timberland like Wilcox County, AL makes quite a valuable property investment with decades of returning sale profits.

Alabama River Offers First-Rate Hunting and Fishing 

Wilcox County, AL also offers a number of outdoor recreational opportunities with each property sale. Тhis region contains some of the best hunting land in the country. High-quality populations of white-tailed deer and wild turkey abound, and this area produces many trophy specimens. Hunters looking to enjoy their sport year-round find land for sale in Wilcox County a great place for the establishment of food plots. Carefully managing these wildlife plantings not only draws game species to your property, it actually supports and improves them. High-quality crops allow deer to produce higher numbers of fawn and grow larger, fuller antlers. 

Along with hunters, fishermen flock to Wilcox County, AL every year for its unsurpassed resources. Containing more riverfront miles than any other southern Alabama county, Wilcox County enjoys the abundance of the Lower Alabama River. This river flows 72.5 miles and attracts anglers that catch largemouth bass, striped bass, spotted bass, crappie, and catfish. Professional bass tournaments are held in this region with anglers traveling hundreds of miles to participate. Blue, channel, and flathead catfish varieties appear in abundance throughout the Lower Alabama River, with many weighing in over 40 pounds. This river supplies the 22,000-acre William "Bill" Dannelly Reservoir, as well as Claiborne Lake, which provides a home for over 125 native freshwater fish species and many types of mussels and crayfish. 

Tutt Land Helps You Purchase AL Land for Sale in Wilcox County

If you are interested in acquiring rural land for sale with a wide array of usage opportunities, look no further than Wilcox County, AL. From some of Alabama’s best fishing to extensive stretches of varied timberland property with national champion sized trees (Durand Oak and Shagbark Hickory), this region offers exceptional properties for sale with superior natural resources for investors and developers. 

Currently, over $22 million of land listings are available for sale in Wilcox County, covering 7,600 acres of land. Make the right land investment today by contacting the experts at Tutt Land so we can find your perfect property. With over 70 years of experience in the sale, management, and development of hunting tracts and timberland, we are the Southeastern continental US’s premiere company for negotiating the acquisition of Alabama property.

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