Henry County, AL Land for Sale as an Investment

When people think of investment opportunities, they might think stock market or startup. However, one of the most secure forms of investment is property ownership. There are more than 4,000 acres of rural land primed and ready for investors in Henry County, AL

Whether you’re looking for a blank slate or a developed tract of land for sale, Henry County has exactly what you need. Take advantage of the hunting prospects and fishing opportunities on Henry County land for sale or focus instead on re-listing the property at a future date to profit off the increasing value of assets, such as pastureland and timber. Regardless of your intentions, you’ll find everything you need to become a successful land owner in Henry County, AL here.

Natural Features of Henry County, AL Land for Sale

Belonging to Alabama’s East Gulf Coastal Plain, rural land for sale in Henry County, AL is rich in natural resources. For the most part, the terrain of Henry County land for sale consists of coastal plain soils originating from river and stream sediments, which are characterized by a sandy topsoil and clay subsoil. This kind of terrain in Alabama land for sale is often used for farming specific crops such as corn, peanuts, and soybeans; however, it is also suitable for the proliferation of feral hogs. Additionally, timber, an incredibly valuable asset to property owners of rural land for sale, grows very well in this area of Alabama. Merchantable pine forests cover large acreages of land for sale across Henry County.

Another feature often found on Henry County land for sale is bodies of water, the main of which is Alabama’s Chattahoochee River. One of the greatest benefits of the Chattahoochee River, and its tributaries, is that it remains accessible for fishing year-round to those who purchase land for sale in the county. Prospective property owners interested in fishing popular species of sportfish, such as trout, bass, and catfish, will benefit greatly from purchasing land for sale in Henry County. Additional fish that make their home in the Chattahoochee River include common carp, yellow perch, jump rock sucker, bluegill sunfish, and more.

The Value of Alabama Timber on Henry County Land for Sale

Timber is a highly valued asset worthy of consideration from potential property owners seeking profitable land for sale in Henry County. Despite technological advances, timber remains in high demand, consistently appreciating in value. Alabama timber on land for sale is also generally low-maintenance, proliferating on its own and requiring little in the way of care. Most of the timber that can be found on properties for sale in Henry County, AL consist of loblolly pine, red oaks, and white oaks.

Hunting on Private Land for Sale and Public Land in Henry County

Hunters are amongst the most prevalent property owners of land for sale in Henry County, AL, given the suitability of the terrain for hunting and the abundance of Alabama wildlife. Some of the most commonly found animals on Henry County land for sale include white-tailed deer and wild turkey. Alabama is also one of the most generous states in regard to hunting legislation, with long hunting seasons and a relaxed bag limit, as well as additional benefits for private property owners. This is all the more incentive to purchase land for sale in Henry County. Purchasing land for sale here gives property owners access to a tract of land that is likely to see far more animal activity than public hunting grounds, which have a greater human presence. Additionally, hunters can make adjustments or add developments to the land after the sale is complete, including the addition of an Alabama hunting cabin for increased comfort.

However, public lands are generally very well-maintained and developed by other parties, freeing hunters of any responsibilities and allowing them to focus on the hunt. Wildlife present on public hunting land in Henry County are actively monitored and tracked, and the areas most likely to yield a good harvest are often highlighted in advance. For all these reasons and more, even those who enjoy the privacy of their own personal hunting property may, on occasion, choose to visit public hunting grounds.

Henry County is home to Alabama’s Cross Keys Shooting Preserve, which consists of about 4,000 acres of land. The preserve specializes in the hunting of birds such as pheasant, quail, and chukar. There are also a myriad of hunting clubs all across the county near plots of land for sale for those interested in the more social aspects of the sport.

Purchasing Land for Sale in Henry County, Alabama

For those eager and ready to invest in Alabama land for sale, Tutt Land is the place to go. Offering detailed, up-to-date land listings in Henry County, you can be sure that Tutt Land will have all the information you need. In addition to confirming the price and acreage of each property available for sale, Tutt Land also verifies what kind of wildlife and features are present. Appointments can be made to view the properties in person; however, Tutt Land also has several photographs of each property to give potential owners a good first impression.

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