Land For Sale in Dale County, AL

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Plentiful Tracts of Rural Land for Sale in Dale County, AL

Located within the East Gulf Coastal Plain, Dale County, AL is an ideal place for prospective landowners to begin their search. With more than 4,000 acres available, collectively worth more than 30 million dollars, the parcels of land for sale in Dale County are ready for investors. The average price of rural land for sale in this part of Alabama is $186,516—though the value may vary depending on the composition of farmland, grassland, and timber contained within the property lines. Whether you’re wanting to hold on to land as an asset, develop it and put it up for sale at a later date, or enjoy the rich hunting and fishing opportunities the property offers, Dale County has the perfect tract of land for sale just for you.

The Versatility of Land for Sale in Dale County, AL

What makes properties for sale in Dale County unique is their multifaceted nature, as each property contains a wide variety of natural resources, which can be adapted to a variety of purposes. Dale County, Alabama land for sale often contains a combination of rural land and bodies of water, such as creeks or ponds, which contribute to a balanced, healthy ecosystem—able to support ample wildlife.

Timber, an extremely valuable asset, is plentiful in Dale County. Land for sale in Dale County, Alabama often includes varieties of hardwoods and pines, and you’ll likely find plenty of mature white and red oaks throughout the property. What makes timber so prized among those seeking land for sale in Alabama is the consistency of its increase in value over the past several years, making it a strong investment safe from volatility. It’s also relatively low maintenance, allowing you to really make the most of your property.

The tracts of land for sale in Dale County also provide areas ideal for hunting and recreational marksmanship, given the terrain, size, and shape of these vibrant Alabama properties. In addition to the natural creeks and springs that are so popular among the wildlife, Dale County, AL land for sale also offers acres full of beautiful hardwoods that provide them with food. Avid hunters can easily find multiple areas on their land for sale that would serve as ideal spots for a hunting blind. For those looking to turn a profit off of their investment, sections of the land can also be marketed as farmland or pastureland and re-listed for sale to prospective farmers in the area. With its mild climate and rich soil, Dale County is home to some of the most amenable properties for farm use, adding value to your property.

Access to Modern Alabama Amenities Near Rural Land for Sale

While parcels of Dale County land for sale don’t rest in major cities, like Ozark, Alabama, they are connected to cities via a network of highways and county roads, and are often easily accessible via a short drive. This means that hunters can restock on any supplies necessary for the property in short order, and investors more interested in further construction and development of the land after finalizing the sale will have no difficulty trucking in supplies and/or labor to the property.

Ozark, Alabama is also the home of multiple hunting clubs, such as the Heart of Dixie Coonhunting Association. Hunters purchasing tracts of land for sale in Dale County, Alabama who might have an interest in recreational marksmanship and hunting as a sport will love the various opportunities to participate in hunting competitions. This is also a great way for landowners to navigate through the beautiful timberlands and creek bottoms of this part of Alabama after sale, and familiarize themselves with the sort of wildlife common in land for sale within Dale County, including white-tailed deer, wild turkey, and feral hogs.

Developed Property Also Available in Dale County, AL

While most of the land listings for sale in Dale County consist of rural, fully versatile land, there are also developed properties available. Investors seeking to take over valuable tracts of maturing timberland, or hunters looking for land that has already been developed to serve as private Alabama hunting grounds will be pleased to hear that there are tracts of land for sale that have already had previous construction or alterations made.

Becoming a Dale County, AL Land Owner

Regardless of whether you’re seeking to diversify your portfolio with an investment in Alabama land for sale or wish to reap the benefits directly by taking advantage of all the hunting, fishing, and marksmanship opportunities in Dale County, Tutt Land can help. With listings of land for sale updated regularly, you can trust that the information you are looking over is current. Each listing of land for sale on Tutt Land includes all the information you need to find the ideal property, including the natural resources that can be found on the land for sale, any developments or construction present, its proximity to urban centers, and detailed photographs.

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