Land For Sale in Russell County, AL

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The Best of Both Worlds in Russell County, AL

Cozied next to the border of Georgia lies Russell County, a thriving area of Alabama known for its prime hunting and fishing land as well as its access to the vibrant culture of Columbus, Georgia. Russell County is a prime spot to find land for sale in Alabama. Because of its desirable location, beautiful landscape, and popularity, property sales in Russell County, AL tend to be priced higher than some other counties in Alabama. However, the profit potential for sales in the Russell County area is unparalleled, and land for sale in Russell County is well worth the upfront cost. Not only is rural land becoming increasingly popular and rising in value, but Russell County, AL puts landowners in a position to utilize their unique resources for significant financial gain on the sale of their property.

As with much of the land for sale in Alabama, sales in Russell County provide the unique opportunity to hunt and fish in a private part of Alabama. Because rural Alabama is rich with trees and vegetation, there are many species of huntable animals found here as well. The sale of acreage that includes this landscape allows the owner to hunt right in their own backyard. Many tracts of land for sale in Russell County are home to herds of deer, turkey, duck, and hogs. The variety and quantity of these animals create an ideal situation for hunters to get out more often. The popularity of Alabama hunting may also be due to the fact that gun restrictions and bag limits are relatively relaxed, allowing hunting to be a larger part of landowners’ lives after the sale is complete.

Russell County, AL Land for Sale 

Fishing on one’s own property has a similar appeal when it comes to finding land for sale. With many breeds and schools of fish present in Russell County bodies of water and plenty of waterways from which to fish, it is not uncommon to have fresh fish on the table at dinnertime in Alabama. Though it is ideal to fish on one’s own private area of land, public lakefronts and fishing opportunities abound in Russell County. Whether it is Trout, Crappie, or Bluegill you crave, you are sure to find it in the waters here.

If you would like to not only enjoy the land but profit off of your sale as well, the timber industry is booming in Russell County. The county lies on Alabama’s Black Belt, an incredibly fertile soil that benefits the plants growing there. The ample rainfall of the area, the rich soil, the warm weather, and the trees and vegetation's natural regeneration make selling timber a very low-maintenance endeavor for the landowner. Oak, Hickory, and Pine trees abound on many properties for sale in the area, and thinning and selling overgrowth is a wonderful way to offset the higher upfront costs of Russell County’s land for sale.

Phenix City, Ladonia, and Hurtsboro make up the most populous areas of Russell County, AL providing amenities such as stores and diners to the area. However, just on the edge of Russell County lies Columbus, Georgia. Columbus is a destination for outdoor adventure sports, museums, malls, and restaurants. This provides the best of both worlds to the land for sale in Russell County, AL, giving it both the stunning beauty, privacy, and tranquility of rural Alabama life, with the option to benefit from large city amenities, attractions, and hospitals. 

Do keep in mind that this incredible city proximity and rare privacy is a highly desirable area to find land for sale. The market for these tracts of land range from social butterflies to introverted hunters to families that contain both, as the area provides something for everyone. As such, property sales move quickly and often require a more significant up-front investment than somewhere without this unique blend of sought-after features. Though this is ultimately a positive aspect of Russell County, AL sales in the long term, keep in mind the need to move quickly on a sale when you find a property you love.

Moving Forward With Tutt Land Co. for Russell County, AL

When making any significant investment decision, it is vital to have the right people helping you on your way. Whether it is your first property sale or tenth, commercial property or homestead, Tutt Land Co. is poised to walk with you every step of the sale process. Tutt Land Co. has nearly a century of experience in managing, developing, and brokering land sales in Alabama. No other company knows more about land listings or AL land for sale than the experts at Tutt Land Co. If you do not already have an idea, the Tutt Land Co. agents can help you determine what kind of property for sale best suits your needs. 

While some may be looking for acreage for hunting and fishing, others may simply want tracts of land to hold as assets or to profit off of the sale of the property in the future. Whatever the case may be, Tutt Land Co. will find the perfect property sale for you. To begin your search, log on to the Tutt Land Co. website’s land search option and begin evaluating properties for sale from the comfort of your own living room. When you are ready to make in-person steps, contact us to schedule an appointment. Rural land is an incredible asset; let us help you find your perfect piece of AL land for sale today.

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