Hardeman County, Tennessee

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Finding The Perfect Timber Land for Sale, Hardeman County, TN

As the 5th largest county in the west of Tennessee, Hardeman County, TN, land listings are highly sought after. The county boasts a wide range of properties, rural acreage, and hunting land for sale in Hardeman County, TN. There are over 100,000 acres for sale in this county, making it perfect for anyone that requires sizable properties or multiple properties for businesses that need rural production plants and inner-city properties for central business.

No matter the type, Hardeman county properties are readily available to invest in and stand to benefit from a skilled local workforce and prime housing real estate. The county is spread across 670 square miles and comprises 668 square miles on land and a further 2.6 square miles of waterways with pristine shorelines perfect for waterside acreage both for sale and recreational purposes.

Hardeman County, TN Land For Sale

With approximately $45 million worth of land for sale in Hardeman County, TN, there is a wide variety of different properties available in which to invest. With about 17,279 acres of rural land and property for sale in terms of size, there is finally more than enough land to call home. The average price of rural property listings, farms, and land for sale in Hardeman is $686,525, according to Landwatch.

Located in the west of Tennessee, connectivity to adjacent counties and states such as Mississippi. Notable connections include:

  • Madison County
  • Chester County
  • Tippah County, Mississippi
  • Benton County, Mississippi

Interconnected Real Estate For Sale

Whether you already own land in nearby counties or Mississippi and require more property located in Tennessee, Hardeman county is one of the most well-connected hubs; with a highly well-established railway in Grand Junction City, you will easily commute between counties and states with ease.

Access to the Mississippi Central Railway and inner state railways and a structured roadways system boasts a connection to the U.S. Highway 64 and significant local roads such as the Tennessee Highways 15, 18, 57, 100, 125, 138, 179, and 368. The local economy is backed by a strong workforce that can help lower the costs of staff and product transportation. This makes land for sale in Hardeman County, Tn, sought after for businesses and economic potential and related services.

Farms For Sale In Hardeman County, TN

Of the many acres available, most of the land is primed for arable farming acreage, pasture land, small organic farms, tillable agricultural properties, and grazing land for livestock. Another benefit of the geography is that it lends itself to multi-use farming adventures such as split crop properties allowing you the potential to create more than one revenue source.

With acres of profitable land for sale in Hardeman County, TN, you can be sure to find the perfect pursuit and property to suit your price range. The Tutt Land Co. brokers will be able to help you find the property that is suited to both growing timberland or crops as well as light manufacturing, wood milling, or crop processing plants.

The Hardwood Capital

Hardeman County, Tn, is known as the hardwood capital of the US. Its fertile soil and climate make it perfect for hardwood timberlands. You're guaranteed to have a suitable investment property from mature hardwood forests to plantation pines, establishing a working farm on a large property with as many acres as you need, and the possibility to expand.

With the current boom in the housing market, timber is fast becoming one of the most profitable investments yet. With a ready-to-go workforce in Hardeman County, your timber business will benefit from timber processing and already established related services such as transportation. Another advantage to the vast timberland for sale is setting up a summer cabin and using the land as a recreational hunting property while watching your investment grow from the ground up. Get in touch with Tutt Land Co. to start looking for the perfect timberland for sale in Hardeman County, Tn.

From Hickory Valley to Bolivar, Investment Property For Sale

Many different kinds of property are available, from development to timberland or even recreational property such as hunting land for sale in Hardeman County, TN. There is also a wide range of localities, so finding the most suitable property for your needs won't be difficult.

If you are looking for city properties that fall within prime accessibility locations for business ventures, several areas across the county will suit your needs. Your dream location is waiting for your investment from Hickory Valley to Grand Junction or Bolivar.

Calling Tennessee Home With Tutt Land Co., Property Experts

With 70 years of experience in managing and developing rural acreage, timberland properties, and new listings, Tutt Land Co. is the perfect company to help you source and secure the investment land of your dreams. Our esteemed and established team of brokers is available to help you search for land sales in Hardeman County, TN, or nearby counties' real estate opportunities that align with your needs.

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