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Getting started with property ownership and investing in rural land can be intimidating, especially when considering the wide array of options available. Fortunately, those searching for land for sale in Covington County, Alabama will find very little cause for concern, given all the territory has to offer. This southern Alabama county is popular among outdoorsmen for its many hunting and fishing properties. If you are a sportsman seeking a land investment that you will be glad you made, buying property in Covington County is an ideal choice.

Hunting in Covington County

Covington County, AL has plenty to offer the avid outdoorsman who wants to buy rural land for sale in Alabama. With thousands of acres of prime hunting land for sale, there is no shortage of property to choose from. Covington County is among the many areas in the state with rural land that hunters seek when they want a property for sale that they can find white-tailed deer living on. If you are a hunter who harvests other animals, you will find that the land for sale around here is one of the best locations for quail hunting, in addition to other game birds like ducks, turkey, and doves. Covington County’s natural geography includes creek bottoms that form ideal habitats for all sorts of wildlife, making them easy targets for hunters with experience. That is not everything the AL land for sale in Covington County has for the avid hunter, though. Wild pigs roam this land as well. Big game hunters enjoy this challenge.

Like most outdoor lovers, you will also be on the lookout for fishing waters on your hunt for land for sale in Covington County, AL. Lakes are stocked with catfish and bass, which fishermen enjoy catching in the waters of Covington County, but you will also find species like crappie and bream. With the various combinations of features available within properties for sale, it is possible you may end up settling on a property that does not have fishing on site, however that does not mean you will not have plenty of access to fishing opportunities. Nearby the many tracts of land for sale you can find places like Grant Lake, a popular spot in Covington County, in addition to a variety of other lakes and streams sprinkled across this corner of Alabama.

Cost of the Land for Sale in Alabama

Most property buyers want to know that they are getting the most value for the land their realtor lists for sale. The most attractive thing about choosing land in Covington County, Alabama is that the properties here are well worth the cost. The average price of land for sale in Alabama can vary based on the location. The average sale price for land is $12,356 per acre, but rural land in the state goes for an average of $2,300 per acre. This is considerably less than you would pay for properties for sale in other places around the country, and the return on your investment will almost certainly be worthwhile if you choose to sell the land since investors show more interest in Alabama’s land listings all the time. The price tag that buyers face on average for a property in Covington County, AL is $492,413, and with about 5,000 acres of land for sale to hunting enthusiasts in Covington County, there is something for everyone.

Other Benefits of Land for Sale in Covington County, Alabama

Many of the buyers who are looking at property for sale in areas like Covington County, Alabama need more features than land. If you are a hunter who plans to use the property as a getaway for recreational excursions, you will likely be searching for land that has a house to stay in. The properties that Tutt Land Company offers for sale often have homes and barns or outbuildings. Some of the property that we have for sale also has waters for fishing. Everyone can find what they are searching for in the rural land we list for sale in Covington County.

Another reason buyers are seeking property for sale in Covington County is timber investment possibilities. The land that we have for sale here offers many trees that can also contribute to the return on the buyer’s investment. There is a selection of pines on the Alabama land that we have for sale. But if you are wanting a variety of trees, that is not all the land for sale in Covington County offers. There are many other hardwoods on the forested land we offer for sale. Some of the investors who buy land for outdoor activities in Alabama choose a Covington County location that has both trees and farmland so that they can lease the farmable parcel and increase the return on their investment.

Any outdoor lover who is searching for an Alabama hunting property knows that Tutt Land Company can help them find the property they want to invest in. We work hard to provide the greatest land for sale to hunters in the area. Call us today at (334) 627-4004, or Visit our website.

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