Land for Sale in Coffee County, AL

Land ownership is an incredible investment, allowing you immediate benefits whilst providing you the opportunity to earn back the cost of the sale over time. For those seeking to get started, Coffee County, Alabama has a number of amazing properties available for sale. Land for sale in Coffee County is simply teeming with lucrative hunting and fishing opportunities. Whether you are in search of properties with substantial assets or are seeking a place you can use as a private hunting ground, if you are on the hunt for a land investment that you will not regret, buying property in Coffee County is a prime opportunity.

Hunting in Coffee County

Coffee County, AL has plenty to offer to the avid sportsman who is searching for rural land for sale in the state of Alabama. With around 3,000 acres of hunting land for sale, there is plenty of property to choose from. Coffee County is known for its vast expanses of rural land heavily populated by white-tailed deer and wild turkey. Both are attracted to the creek bottoms on property for sale, which are often ideal sources of food and water. This makes them easy targets for skilled hunters. If you enjoy hunting other wildlife besides deer and turkey, you will be pleased to find that the land for sale here is also frequently visited by ducks, quail, and doves. That is not all that the AL land for sale in Coffee County has for hunters, though. Wild pigs are another popular big game animal that hunters find on this land.

Many hunters are also interested in exploring other recreational outdoor activities, such as fishing and will likely consider this when searching for land for sale in Coffee County, AL. Fortunately Coffee County has plenty of bodies of water ideal for the sport. Catfish and bass are two of the most popular fish that anglers find in the waters of Coffee County, but said waters are also populated by crappie, redear sunfish, and bluegill. Regardless of whether or not the property for sale you select includes fishing waters, there will be plenty of prime fishing locations available in close proximity to enjoy the past time in Coffee County.

Value of Land for Sale in Alabama

If you are like most property buyers, you want to know that you are getting a good value for the land your realtor has for sale. The great thing about buying land in Coffee County, Alabama is that the properties here come at a great value. The average cost of land for sale in Alabama can be looked at in various ways. The overall sale price for land is $12,356 per acre, but rural land like pastures sells for an average of $2,300 per acre. This is far less than you would expect in properties for sale in many other states, and the return on your investment is sure to be worthwhile if you decide to sell the land, as investors are increasingly showing interest in Alabama’s land listings. The price that buyers pay on average for a property in Coffee County, AL is $372,321, and with around 3,000 acres of land for sale to hunters in Coffee County, there is enough opportunity to go around.

Specifics of the Land for Sale in Coffee County, Alabama

Many buyers who are interested in the property for sale in places like Coffee County, Alabama need more than just land. If you are using the property as a place to get away for hunting and fishing, you may be searching for land that already has a house on site. Many of the properties that Tutt Land has listed for sale have homes on them, as well as barns and outbuildings. Some of the property that we offer for sale also features ponds, creeks, and lakes. No matter what you are searching for, the rural land we have for sale in Coffee County offers a great selection of options.

Timber investment is another reason buyers are searching for property for sale in Coffee County. The land that we offer for sale is rich in valuable trees that can also contribute to the return on your investment. There are many merchantable pines on the Alabama land that Tutt has for sale. If you are seeking timber, however, this is not all the land for sale in Coffee County has to offer. There are also red oaks, white oaks, and various other hardwoods and cypress trees in the forests of the land we have for sale. Many investors who purchase land for hunting in Alabama choose a Coffee County location with forested and farmable acres and lease the farmland as a way to increase the return on their investment.

When you know what you want in an Alabama hunting property, there is no other choice but Tutt Land to help you find the perfect place for you to invest. We offer the best hunting grounds for sale in the area. Visit our website, or call us today at (334) 627-4004.


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