Land For Sale in Saint Clair County, AL

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Land for Sale in St. Clair County, AL 

Located in the north-central region of Alabama, St. Clair County is one of the state’s fastest growing counties with a variety of lush land tracts for sale and extensive opportunities for development. Composed of 646 square miles, St. Clair County occupies the southern edge of the Appalachian Mountain Range and includes two lakes with coastline stretching hundreds of miles. The bountiful variety of natural resources combined with a highly developed infrastructure and close proximity to the markets of Birmingham, Alabama make St. Clair County an ideal location for investing in land for sale or developing property.

Rich Natural Resources of Land for Sale in St. Clair County

Rural land in St. Clair County is part of the Ridge and Valley physiographic section, meaning it comprises valleys featuring fertile limestone soil and ridges consisting of acidic, sandstone soil supporting wooded areas of shortleaf pine and oak trees. Gently sloping hillsides, rolling green pastures, numerous water sources, and rich woodland makes this Alabama county a beautiful, versatile region of land for sale. St. Clair County is abundant with profitable mature timber and local wildlife that would satisfy even the most discerning hunters and fishermen. AL land for sale in St. Clair County is highly sought after, so do not delay contacting Tutt Land when you find a timber or hunting tract for sale that appeals to you. 

Rural property in St. Clair County, AL includes everything you could desire in a parcel of AL land for sale, with a vast range of resources and endless development possibilities. Mature forests in Alabama are filled with a mix of timber species that provides an easy, renewable source of income for property owners, as well as attracting trophy specimens of popular game animals. Huge hardwoods, including white and red oaks, are prevalent in this area of Alabama and some stands can be harvested for sales for up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. This makes the purchase of St. Clair County land for sale a wise investment property that produces decades of future profits. These economically valuable species of oak are interspersed on the land with pine trees treasured by hunters as they provide ample bedding ground for plentiful deer and turkey populations.  

The Coosa River lies on the county’s eastern border and includes many tributaries flowing throughout the eastern half of the county, while tributaries of the Cahaba River run on the western half. The construction of two dams in St. Clair County, AL created a number of sizable lakes, the largest being the Logan Martin Lake, encompassing 15,263 acres and covering 273 miles of coastline. Sale of this type of property can be exclusive. In addition to their scenic beauty, these water sources maintain an astounding amount of biological diversity and world-class fishing for several types of bass, including largemouth, spotted, and striped. Property for sale in this area is highly valuable and produces many business and recreational opportunities all year round.

Infrastructure & Development in St. Clair County, AL 

St. Clair County’s formidable infrastructure supports ample investment and development sale opportunities for Alabama. This means that when you buy land for sale, you not only receive access to the property’s rich natural resources, but you can also take advantage of the land’s extensive transportation networks and low taxes to make the greatest return on your land investment. Whether you are interested in harvesting timber, pasturing livestock, or maintaining a tract of land specifically for hunting purposes, Tutt Land Co. has the perfect Alabama property for sale to suit you.

St. Clair County, AL is connected to neighboring cities and states by several national highways. Interstate 20 runs west to Birmingham and east to Atlanta; Interstate 59 runs south to Birmingham and north to Tennessee; and U.S. Highways 231 and 411 run south to Florida and north to Tennessee. St. Clair has its own local airport close to Pell City, and land even at its most distant point is less than an hour drive from the Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport. Freight services for St. Clair County are provided by CSX and Norfolk-Southern, connecting with a number of industrial sites for shipping and sale to points all across the country.

The competitive tax structure and booming housing market in St. Clair County make this area one of the most affordable in the state of Alabama and the whole nation in terms of the cost of living and home sales. Comparably low taxes make purchasing rural property in Alabama inexpensive and offer you a substantial business advantage when you buy land. Property taxes are low, and there are no inventory or occupational taxes. This means you can purchase more acreage of land for your money when you complete a sale and will receive a much higher return on investment in any business venture you choose to pursue.

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AL land for sale in St. Clair County offers a wide range of options, including lakeside plots, mountaintop hunting camps, historic farms, and dense timberland. Many properties include well-established road systems, existing power and utility supply lines, proximity to freshwater sources, plentiful walking trails, and trophy class populations of deer and turkey. If you are interested in joining the forestry products industry, Alabama is one of the best places you can choose to buy land for sale. As one of the most heavily forested states in the country, Alabama contains over 200 million acres of land, or 40% of the timberland in the entire nation, and 94% of this land is held by private landowners. 

Property in St. Clair County, AL is in high demand due to its rich natural resources and strong infrastructure to support investment, sales, and development. Recent statistics show over $91 million worth of rural land and properties for sale in St. Clair County, representing around 8,00 acres. The average price for land listings for sale in this county is $252,641. If you would like to purchase land to develop into a planned community, St. Clair County is considered one of the most profitable future housing investment areas in the state and offers property listings of unparalleled value.

If you would like more information on purchasing land in St. Clair County, contact Tutt Land Co. today to benefit from our 70 years of experience negotiating land purchases. Our detailed listings include thorough descriptions of the land, including total acreage, history, sale price, and photographs, ensuring we can find the best match for you.

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