4 +/- Acres - Jefferson County, AL - Veona Daniels Rd

$ 130,000

4 acres in Jefferson County, Alabama,

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Discover a unique investment opportunity with this 4-acre parcel located in Jefferson County, Alabama, situated within the FEMA-designated 100-year flood plain. This property offers a distinctive set of considerations for those looking to make an informed investment. 

Welcome to the Suburban Bowhunter's Paradise, where the serenity of suburban living meets the thrill of bowhunting. Nestled on acres of pristine woodlands, this land opportunity offers the perfect haven for passionate bowhunters seeking an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. The landscape is adorned with dense foliage, providing ample cover for both hunters and prey alike. Tranquil streams meander through the property, offering picturesque settings for quiet reflection in God’s beautiful landscape. Whether you're a seasoned bowhunter or a novice eager to learn, this is the perfect canvas for crafting unforgettable hunting experiences. With its convenient suburban location, you're never far from modern amenities and conveniences. After a successful hunt, you can return home to relax in comfort, savoring the memories of another day spent in harmony with nature. Embrace the thrill of the hunt while enjoying the tranquility of suburban living.


Key Features:

Size: 4 acres of land within the FEMA 100-year flood plain, providing a specific landscape for development planning.

Location: Strategically positioned in Jefferson County, this property presents both challenges and opportunities associated with its floodplain designation.

Investment Potential: While floodplain designation requires careful planning, it can also open doors for certain types of development, such as recreational areas or resilient structures.

Zoning and Regulations: Understand the local zoning regulations and FEMA guidelines to ensure compliance and explore the full range of development possibilities.



  • Flood Resilience: Explore development strategies that incorporate flood-resilient design principles to maximize the property's potential.
  • Environmental Impact: Assess the environmental impact and mitigation measures required for development within a floodplain.
  • Community Engagement: Engage with local authorities and community stakeholders to understand the broader context and potential community benefits.

While the floodplain designation poses challenges, it also presents an opportunity for innovative and resilient development. Evaluate the potential for creating a unique project that aligns with FEMA guidelines and enhances the community's resilience to flooding.

For inquiries and to discuss the potential of this property further, please contact Cheeto Marlowe with Tutt Land Company at 205-447-7456.

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